Go to Drafts.

Go directly to Drafts.

Do not pass Read.

Do not collect 💚200.

It’s happening again.

There’s a story (as Medium calls it — we humans seem to prefer calling it a piece or a thing) you just have to write, something that you had never considered a week ago but which now consumes your entire being. You’re not sleeping as long as you should, you’re not eating properly, you’re stealing seconds that don’t belong to you, to work on this piece. You don’t have time to Respond to anyone else or even to read their stuff. You have to keep plugging away at writing this thing.

You haven’t submitted to the discipline of publishing something every day, so the possibility of putting it out as serial chapters doesn’t arise. You write bits of it as they occur to you, in no order, with the expectation of sorting them all out later. There’s no time or length limit on this thing, it will be done when it’s finished and not before.

Today Medium tells me I have accumulated 100 Followers. I’ve done it without trying, without doing most of the things I’m recommended to do to increase it, and despite doing a few things I shouldn’t. I know not to trust the figure, but it’s a round number and I should be celebrating.

Instead I’m grabbing a few moments to apologise to the humans in and around that hundred. Sorry, peeps, I’ll be around when I get this monkey off my back. Thank you for reading this and anything else of mine.

Love you all.

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