Hike You!

(Violet, you asked for it)

Here’s your damned sonnet

Let’s see what you think of this

You brazen hussy

She toys with me (and many other men;

She knows no shame, her conquests crowd the wires)

She puts me down and picks me up again,

Demanding my attention till she tires.

Oh Mr Man, she euphemises oft,

Please come and sit beside me, in this crook

I’ll make, and let me show how very soft

I can be. Would you read me, from your book?

So, deviously, she manipulates

My will, until I have no more to say

And, abject, do whatever she dictates

From Mountain Time, a hemisphere away.

But soft! What haiku calls? Could it be that

I came here to write something ’bout a cat?

My little pink tongue

Is hungry for fulfilment.

Have you any… cream?