a solution to a problem that nobody was complaining about.
The Holdout
Shawn MacDonald

I was. From memory, I wasn’t alone.

There was no way to distinguish between “I saw your one-word response to what I wrote” and “This long article deserves a Nobel Prize for Literature!” I made my complaint to OurFrenz last November, as did a few other people that I noticed, and Medium delivered a working solution in August. As IT projects go, that’s not bad. (Curiously, someone clapped my complaint only a week ago. How they came upon it is a mystery.)

I now clap once for “Uh, yes, nothing more to say,” once per “ha” if a piece makes me laugh, and five or more times if I think “Wow, that’s good.” It’s exactly what I asked for. (Those numbers are not necessarily additive, correspondents. I don’t always remember.)

Membership? Maybe, if the thing becomes properly global instead of being so US-centric. Membership is $5, regardless of currency fluctuations or the cost of living in any other country. I could live with that; I know plenty couldn’t, even in the USA. But to become a Partner requires a US bank account. Sorry — that won’t be happening before I’m absurdly rich.

So, old hippie that I am, I’ll continue to write here for free and ask anyone wants to spend money to give it to someone who needs it.