explain the tags
Can you please explain the tags?
Gail Boenning

If I understand correctly, Medium will generate three tags from its reading of what I’ve written (or it might copy them from whatever I’m Responding to). Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they make a kind of sense*, and sometimes they make no sense at all, to me. In the last case, I’ve taken to adding a couple of my own, a sort of commentary on the first three. As you saw there.

Yes, I’m still working on it/them but I need time off sometimes. Perspective. The big thing has got bigger (it could be tagged with Self-Discovery, or Self-Indulgence); and another thing has turned up that you might want to be involved in when I get it off the ground (it’s not a balloon. Although… no).

I would say “Sorry to appear obscure,” but you know that would be counterfactual.

*e.g. when I mentioned “Woody”, clearly implying from the context “Woody Guthrie”, and got tagged “Toy Story”.

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