This time, look who’s all me-me-me. Why yes! It’s me.
Gail Boenning

If you look in a mirror and say Me me me, you’ll notice that you can’t help smiling. Speaking of which…

Hmm. Didn’t come out quite as I expected

I was looking for fast-paced stuff and in some cases couldn’t find any, not what I’d call fast, so I put this together. Am I close? Eight songs, four I guess you know well, the others maybe not. At 4, you get to sit down and think Ohh… (after the first time, you have my permission to skip past it). At 6 you might ask “Isn’t that SheDaisy?” If you didn’t know (i.e. like me), you wouldn’t be sure until right at the end of the video. I’m not entirely convinced about 8 but we can’t have everything.

If your Pandora thing will let you, ask it for Jack Casady, Paradise. If it won’t, I’ll have to learn how to make videos for UToob.

[Failure diary:

I spent a lot of time listening to 10-second bursts of Nickelback, thinking surely I’d recognise something, but it didn’t happen. Then they got samey. This one’s OK.

The Gary Allan is now visible. Meh. Couldn’t find any others to be fond of either. My phone doesn’t believe in him at all.

All it knows of SheDaisy is the one they did for Sweet Home Alabama.

Miranda L, I like some of the softer things.

Pink — ooh, revelation. I thought she was just a one-hit nothingmuch, the one that I’ve playlisted for reason that will become obvious. Wrong on two counts. There’s good stuff in there… years and years’ worth. Another queue to deal with!]

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