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I’ll try.

First I woke the phone up and allowed it to install pending updates, including one from Medium.

Soon I was editing a draft, trying to highlight a single short word (“got”) by double-tap with the intention of deleting or replacing it. This method had already worked for (I think) two longer words together, earlier in the same line. Nothing happened for about a second. Then the Android message “Unfortunately Medium has stopped” was displayed, but simultaneously the phone froze, with the keyboard half over that message. I restarted the phone and tried again, with exactly the same result (noting that my earlier edit to the draft, the two-word thing, had not been saved).

After the second restart the Play Store notified me of another Medium update. Pausing briefly to think,”Wow, good service” I installed it and tried again to edit. Same result. I restarted the phone and told you.

Couldn’t do screenshots or an Android Report because the phone froze; and unfortunately can’t offer you the draft itself because I later successfully edited it on PC, then thought better of the whole idea (it had been a snap Response) and deleted it.

I might have been nearly off the edge of wifi reception.

Galaxy Note 4, Marshmallow 6.01.

Anything else?

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