There is so much to think about in this piece SJ.
Gail Boenning

It’s a date. Which station, when?

I found lots more to think about while I was writing this one. How do newspapers deal with this kind of thing? Do they? (I don’t really read them any more). If I went and asked those people “Can I take your picture?” and tried to explain why, would I seem less creepy or even more so? How do other people write believable horrible characters without becoming like them? Do they?

[I was also reminded of the time I was picked from a TV studio audience to be one of the people on stage. Before we were allowed through the In door, we all had to sign away our World Image Rights, for which we received a token payment (from memory, it would approximate to Minimum Wage now). I kept the coin as a souvenir for quite some time, until one day I needed to spend it. I guess yours would have gone straight into your purse. ]

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