My Purpose In Life

Because TeriJo asked

That is NOT what I meant (
“Stuart… More please. I need to laugh, and you handle that with ease.”

Really? I didn’t know. Try often, hope always, know for certain never. But you know what I like to say, njdjr say nkokr. I mean — you know what I mean.

And I’m still not certain, because certainty is — well, it’s not even an aim. If we’re looking for truth, a good approximation is the best we can hope for. You can be absolutely sure of that.

[And, not trying to be funny for a second, looking for truth is what I do. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t looking with me, no wait I do understand, because I know everyone’s different. And looking for truth just got harder.]

But having accepted the task, my porpoise is now to complete it with the utmost, eh, fish in sea.


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