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No characters, no playlets, no picture puzzles, no arcane musical references that you’d have to be me to get properly, no use of @ , no explanations that make things worse, no other explanations either because Get it right first time, no puppying into someone else’s conversation*. I think that covers it? Tell me if you think I’ve missed anything. (No secret stuff, but I was never going to do that)

That’s most of what I do, most of the time, but excluding all those allows me to carry on with straight talk, reminiscence, and travelogues. Which is a lot more civilised. I hope you agree. Anything else you fancy that you think I might be capable of, sing out. I like a challenge, sometimes.

No inadvertent patronising. Mmm, tricky. I’ll try.

Now, the dog. You’re absolutely right, as effen usual. Familiarity had made me forget my own initial reaction, which was “WHAT did they want to do that for?” It’s from the Bonzo Dog Band contractual-obligation album “Let’s Make Up And Be Friendly”. Good album, stupid picture, my sentiment, cocked-up delivery. Sorry.

Stuff that might freak you (or someone else) out... I’m learning, slowly. Everything I learn goes into a thing I’ve been writing for a while now, that keeps having to be updated because I learn something new. If I ever think it’s ready I’ll give you first look, somehow, without resorting to secret stuff (so that you can approve, or not, my credit for your contribution. It’s not an actively freaking-out piece, it’s about the condition and causes of being freaked-out. Things I never knew till very recently. K?).

Anf now I’m going to listen to Neil Young, thank you very much for the reminder. More about that another time.

*my rule, not yours. Still, a good rule for me.