Gail Boenning

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Good soldier, Gail Boenning ! Jumping up out of the hole like that to take one for me. Notwithstanding that in the event there wasn’t a one to take, nor a hole to be jumping out of, you are recommended for a bravery award. Have you seen what happens to people who get on the wrong end of that firepower? It’s deadly.

…waved the tall poppy…

Um... here’s that line I was supposed to draw.


Jules — can I leave this here please? I don’t think I need it right now, but one day… no, of course, if I ever did need it I’d be too late. Obviously.


Tell you what, I’ll leave it here anyway.



Hmm again. Reading the words on the pic may require device rotation.

(Oliver Shiny , talking yesterday to someone else about something else, reminded me about the source of that picture. Not the actual source but the one it’s associated with. Always worth revisiting)