This man benefited from my writing. Please forgive me.
Stuart James


Wouldn’t you know, there isn’t that silver lining after all. The most vocal and vociferous advocates of national self-immolation have all demonstrated that they never really meant any of it, and never planned how they would manage it, because they never thought anyone would take them seriously and actually let them do it. “We was ’avin’ a laugh, wasn’t we?” They’ve all now run off to write backstabbing memoirs that will be surely be serialised in the newspapers, owned by inhabitants of tax-havens, that have always promoted divisiveness because that’s just the thing for taking people’s eyes off the activities of said owners. The front-runner now for having to deal with the fallout of all this hilarity is a woman of some actual experience in government, considered by many to be level-headed*. Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you could watch that instead, USA.

[I make no predictions. The Party, like the other Party, has a long history of eliminating the obvious (i.e. least untalented) candidate in the first round of voting: either because talent in politics makes enemies (it does), or because they remember what happened the last time anything remotely like talent got in (“She went mad”, “He started a war” etc.)]

*for a politician