My first reaction while reading this awesome story as I waited for my hair color to set was —…
Gail Boenning

Thank you, and glad you liked it. Points… the song is well-known over here even now, being the rallying anthem from WW2 (Vera Lynn is still around, 100 years old and has an album in the top whatever number. Ambition!)

The ship in your picture could be the one in mine. They lasted ages, held together by paint and dirt (The one I used, just once in 1991, might not have been cleaned since your time).

The ‘story’, such as it was, appeared mostly last November/December and sat in my Drafts for months. Most of the words were there, but no title, no middle, only an idea of an end. Almost as soon as I read your phrase I had my title, and once that was at the top, the rest quickly followed — not much actual change, but it was easy to polish.

I’m surprised how much I know about Rocky and Bob. Somewhere in the universe they’re as real as we are.

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