So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedershen, Good-bye
Gail Boenning

You remember me inquiring about twins?

This one won’t quite fit into my going-to-the-dump car. On the abortive journey from drawing room to car and back, it rattled so much that I decided to start dismantling it to find out why. Inside was loose change to the value of £5 (equivalent to roughly $8 when it must have fallen in there, or about $5.01 today).

It’s not really in that bad a condition, so the plan now is to send it away like yours. First I have to fix up or replace the undercloth that I tore. I don’t have anything that will suit, but I should be able to get something for, say, about £5.

There’s something wrong with this plan, but I can’t think what.