Hahaha I think after not too long I’d be overthrown because I have not a single government bone in…

You’re wrong about the last bit, that’s not what we do here (unless you’re very bad). For the rest, you’re just making my case for me. Keep it up.

It’s my brilliant Brexit strategy…

Leavers: [in chorus] Oh no, we’re not having a —

Me: Hush. Calm down. And be polite for a change. While we’re waiting, read these Collected Works.

Leavers: [grumbling gradually turns into grudging admiration. Grudging fades away]

Me: You know that plan you don’t have?

Leavers: [in chorus] We have one now!

You: [smiles and waves]

Leavers: Hooray!

Six months later:

Other countries: That stuff about going to the back of the queue? We didn’t mean it, it wasn’t us, it must have been someone else using our names. Um. .. can we be in your gang please?

… and we’re all set for 60 or 70 years.