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The sad part is all these Christian leaders mentioned above, is shame to Christ as well as the Christianity. Why I believe that , because Donald Trump said lots of worst hatefilled racist comments against minorities, women etc. Instead of of condeming it ,they seems like condone it , by their silence towards these comments. All of a sudden , all are trying to concerned about Mr. Trump’s nastiness. If These Christian leaders could speak against the nasty hate filled racist comment of Mr. Trump made in the past , i am sure American Christian leaders will have better credibility as well as American Christianity. But today American right wing Evangelical Christianity is crippled badly with racism and hate. American Christian religion is grappling with moral declination and she do not have any right to preach to the rest of the world what is morality, principles , and strong family, while other religions have strong family relationships. Why because American Christian leaders are not morally qualified to teach the teachings of Christ to the people, but they grabbed on the political strings to save their dying religion. Instead of preaching about the teachings of Jesus, they chose to stick with partisan politics, political ideologies,. One thing is sure these leaders will not take the American Christianity towards the future, but they will cause the disassebling and degradation of American Christian churches and Organisations.