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Yes yes yes yes yes. I’m very tired of people using the idea of male privilege to hurt all trans people. I realize when it’s used against transfeminine people it’s by cis people and that leads to more violence, but I also take so much issue with insisting that AFAB people experience “misdirected” aka not real misogyny. I appreciated your talking about how this is because we’re pressured not to talk about pre-transition life.

I think it’s because of that, and (related) because of an assumption that admitting all AFAB people experience misogyny would simultaneously “admit” that all AMAB people have full male privilege and are men, and I understand that fear, but that’s not how misogyny works and it’s not reasonable to tell people their experiences with misogyny are not real.

I don’t think misogyny can be misdirected. It targets all women, all or most AFAB people, and men who don’t conform. Misogyny is nasty and spreads and gets all over everyone, and to what degree is highly personal. It isn’t something you get in a neatly wrapped package once you are sure you’re a woman.

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