CNA Week 5

Puerto Rico In Danger of the Zika Virus

I learned recently about the outbreak of the Zika virus in the United States, but now it is making its way to Puerto Rico. While reading in USA Today, it was said that with so many other viruses breaking the surface there, the likelihood of Zika coming around is high. What was interesting though, was to learn that the World Health Organization already started the beginnings for its vaccine.

More Lives Lost in the Car Bomb Attack in Turkey

A car bomb was reported to have been set off in Ankara, Turkey, acting as yet another terrorist attack in the area. The article in USA Today stated that sadly this is not the first and probably not its last attack. With 61 people wounded and amount of deaths rising to 28, you can only pray that this doesn’t happen again.

A Bumpy Ride for the Pope’s Mexico Visit

While visiting the people of Mexico, according to USA Today, the Pope encountered some not so smooth sailing along the way. A laser beam was reported to be seen through the airplane window on its way, and a fan too aggressively greeted the pope when he arrived. Good thing he is so well protected; safety first!

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