CNA Week 6

Super Tuesday: A good day for Trump

Politics remains something that will always be at the forefront of the headlines and while stumbling through CNN politics, it was evident that Trump is stealing away the voters. Super Tuesday is considered a huge night for candidates. While Trump won over Nevada, Cruz and Rubio trail somewhat behind.

Trump Gets Nervous about the Pope’s Remarks

After the Pope’s trip to Mexico and hearing about the wall Trump wants to build, the Pope’s initial reaction was that Trump’s planned actions are not Christian. Presidential candidate Trump was nervous about not having the Pope’s support. With an explanation however, he came to understand Trump’s position according to CNN politics.

Best Friends Forever: Trump and the ‘poorly educated’

It is not a shocker that Trump takes over the newspaper headlines and now the political polls. While scrolling through USA Today, I found a humorous piece how despite the blatant verbal mishaps Trump constantly has, he still seems to come out with the ‘W’. Referring to the ‘less educated’ as ‘poorly educated’, which may seem as an insult to some, Trump came out on top with a higher percentage than the other candidates.

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