Exercise 4.7

Four Furry Friends Escape From Local Zoo

The main idea behind the story is that four completely different types of animals escape from the local zoo, but become friends along the way. To explore this story we would have to analyze what kinds of animals escaped, why it is so interesting and prior to those aspects, tell the audience they have already returned and are safe. It would be important to let the audience know they have nothing to worry about, in order for them to enjoy this crazy story.

The principle people in this story that I would be meeting with is the local zoo management and the first eye witness accounts of seeing the animals on the everyday streets. This will create a sense of humor from the perspective of civilians in addition to the stone cold facts of the situation. With the primary figures in this story being the animals, I would inform of the location of the zoo they escaped from, as well as the hysterically random places the animals traveled to.

To write this story, I would first go to the zoo myself and to each of the places that the animals traveled to, in order to understand the story myself. I would need to put my feet on the ground and base absolutely nothing off of assumptions. I would then start my preparation for my interviewing process.

In the interviewing process, I would first interview the management of the zoo, acquire facts and information about each of the animals. I then would go to meet the animals myself (bear, chimp, elephant, panda) so that I could get the individual personalities of the animals. I would finish by putting all of my thoughts together.

In my story, I would tell of these four furry friends that escaped together. The humor of the story is that these animals were all babies and escaped at night to join together as friends on an adventure through the street. Safe and sound, this story provides the audience with a “huh?”, a laugh and an “awe”. A happy ending for all.

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