Exercise 5.10

Plant Accident

Who=Duane LaChance, a 53 year old pipe fitter/ What=He suffered third-degree burns and is in intensive care/ When= 3 p.m. today/ Where= Petal Municipal Power Plant in Petal Mississippi/ Why= An accident, works at a power plant/ How=Was installing new pipes and touched a wrench to power line with 15,000 volts

Lead=A piper fitter from Gross Engineers is in serious condition and placed in intensive care at Methodist Hospital this Tuesday after his wrench touched a power line.

2nd Paragraph= Duane LaChance, 53, was installing new pipes on the roof of the power plant in Petal Mississippi, when his accident almost cost him his life. Left with third-degree burns, LaChance survived the 15,000 volt shock to his body.

McCartney Illness

Who= Peter McCartney, famous rock singer/ What= Throat surgery/ When= Scheduled for today, but rescheduled for tomorrow due to tardiness/ Where=Riverside Hospital/ Why= Voice couldn’t raise more than a whisper after a concert in Bennett Auditorium/ How=Unsure, assuming performance

Lead= Singer Peter McCartney, after having performed a concert Tuesday night for 1,000 of his fans at the Bennett Auditorium, arrived at Riverside Hospital for exploratory throat surgery today, Wednesday, February 24.

2nd Paragraph=Having been late for his appointment tonight, his surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, February 25.

BOE Meeting

Who= Hattiesburg Board of Education/ What=Board passed a new set of rules following a report/ When= This morning (Wednesday Feb. 24) Where=Hattiesburg/ Why= Enrollment dropped by 200 students to 1,050/ How=A third year of dropped enrollment allowed for change

Lead= On Wednesday, the Hattiesburg Board of Education passed a new set of rules proposed by the administration, in order to up enrollment that has been decreasing consistently over the last three years.

2nd Paragraph= This new set of rules includes an updated dress code such as: prohibiting miniskirts, blue jeans and haircuts below the ears on males. In addition, milk from Farmer’s Dairy has accepted the bid to provide milk at one half cent a pint.

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