How True Is The Entrepreneur Life You See On Social Media?

If you search ‘entrepreneur’, ‘founder’ or ‘startup’ on Instagram, what do you see?

Or more to the point, what do you not see?

There is no tears. No late nights. No signs of panic. No empty bank accounts.

Instagram would have you believe that becoming an entrepreneur, and indulging in some #entrepreneurlife, means the following.

Money falls from the sky, into your lap, as if by magic.

How convenient. You just founded a startup and you are now, by default, a multi millionaire celebrity of the startup world. The paparazzi will be awaiting your arrival at work to snap you leaving your luxury limousine. This really is the life, isn’t it?

“Why doesn’t everyone just start a business when it is this easy?”

Clients and customers buy literally everything you sell them, every time you sell it to them.

Everything you produce will become the next ‘big thing’ and become so addictive and wanted that people will fight over your goods in the shop like some Black Friday madness down at Walmart.

“Why doesn’t everyone just start a business when it is this easy?”

You won’t ever suffer imposter syndrome.

i.e. you will feel a sense of total self confidence and assurance, all the time.

You will never feel worried that people will criticise your work, or call you out for being a ‘copycat’ or a ‘fraud’. You will never worry that people will doubt your output and put it down to you being good at ‘faking it’.

You will be the Johnny Bravo of the business world.

“Why doesn’t everyone just start a business when it is this easy?”

But here is the problem.

It is all bullshit.

Social media is guilty of deception.

There is maybe 1% of entrepreneurs who hit success so fast and so regularly that they can spend their days drinking expensive cocktails, in expensive rooftop bars, in expensive locations.

And of course, you will experience moments and periods similar to above. There are always good days. There will be big wins.

But Instagram fails to balance that with reality.

It fails to show you the bad days.

The hardships.

The times you take big losses, and can barely afford a pint of milk for your unbranded cornflakes, let alone a cocktail at a bar.

The days where you would rather do anything but go and work on your business.

The days where the weight of your work feels so heavy it’s about to burst your damn spine out.

This is what entrepreneur’s really go through. This is the battle you will ride into if you decide to start your own business.

“Why would I start a business when it is this fucking difficult?”

I am not writing this to put anyone off taking an idea or passion, and turning it into a business.

It can be so rewarding, and could really change your life.

But it is important to be honest, and make sure you understand that the reality of starting a business is a world away from the portrayal on social media.

You have to be in it for the right reasons.

You have to want to start a business because you believe in it, because you want to love what you do, because you think it can make a difference in people’s lives.

You can’t be in it because Instagram says you will get rich, buy expensive cars, and date model, as chances are, you won’t be in that 1%.

Starting your own business will make you grow, and develop, and improve as a person.

Those are the real rewards, and the reasons you should jump into ‘#entrepreneurlife’.

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