How Colonialism Is Brought Full Circle By Capitalism In Television

The cruel ironies of wilderness-based reality TV

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Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

What shows are we talking about here?

Building Alaska TV clip

The grim ironies

They centre on white Americans seeking to get “off the grid,” and “unplug from capitalist society,” by signing lucrative contracts with giant media corporations.

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Live Free Or Die — National Geographic Channel

This is one of the ways in which capitalism brings colonialism full circle — right there in our living rooms during our television viewing.

But now that enough white Americans are bored with “the rat race” they created — now that the pendulum has swung back far enough the other way that “homesteading” and “survival lifestyles” are back in fashion — wealthy corporations have found a way to capitalise, commercialise, and cash in on this essence of colonialism.

Freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction. Credits include Film International, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Channillo, and Flickering Myth.

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