Nostalgia Means Nothing If We Refuse To Learn From The Past

While nostalgia can be comforting on an individual level, large-scale nostalgia is where the wheels come off

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How many of those participating in 1940s celebrations over the past ten years also voted for governments that have continually defunded the same public services that were created and boosted in those revered post-war years?

This hypocrisy peaks with the current Tory government itself — Prime Minister Boris Johnson writing, on Victory in Europe Day, 2020, that “the spirit of the greatest generation of Britons who ever lived must be deployed against Coronavirus,” with the “same spirit of national endeavour.” This, despite the fact that he was an architect of Brexit, leads a government that has systematically decimated the National Health Service, and responded so slowly to the threat of Coronavirus that countless of that “greatest generation” have now needlessly died terrible, lonely deaths.

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Ghostbusters (1984)
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Freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction. Credits include Film International, Twisted Sister Lit Mag, Channillo, and Flickering Myth.

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