Cover Lettering: Marbaloo

Dear Shay:

Introductions and small talk can make or break a first impression, and after all, that’s what marketing revolves around. However, I’m not one to beat-around-the-bush, so let’s cut to the chase: your portfolio is something to be proud of, and I’d love to help enhance Marbaloo’s work with complementing ideas. That’s why I’m interested in the Marketing Coordinator position.

My entire career preparation has been within the realms of music and public relations, which is a perfect fit for your company. Throughout the past three years, I’ve exchanged ideas for contesting, events and promotions at iHeartMedia as an IM-Promotions Assistant. I’ve also improved my creative and technical skill sets while working with several programs, including Photoshop, Presslaff, a website maintenance program, and Triton Digital, which is what the company uses for contests and sending emails to its “Eteam Rewards Members,” or fanclub.

In addition, I’ve helped create brand identities for more than 6 different radio stations using platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I have experience with several different tools, including Hootsuite and Sprout Social. Working for several different brand identities has taught me the importance of pushing the limits to stand out. However, I also know when to remain conservative while representing a client because I’ve worked in a corporate setting as a Branding and Marketing Intern for Rockwell Automation. My experiences at iHeartMedia and Rockwell Automation are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, so I think versatility is my strong suit.

While most of my background lies within radio, I left home for a semester to learn more about the music side of the industry. In other words, I’m not afraid to take risks. My passion for music encouraged me to pursue a career in the Nashville community, but my education in Public Relations and Advertising intrigued my creative mindset. Long story short, Marbaloo combines both facets, and I’d love to work with you.

I wish you the best of luck as you search for the perfect Marketing Coordinator and look forward to discussing my qualifications with you further. Let’s create some buzz in the entertainment marketing industry.

Best –

Shannen Oesterreich

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