Blog: Abstract Season 01 Episode 03

The Artist/Designer in this episode was es. Her process starts with a blank sheet and the potential client. She’ll start drawing out ideas as they are talking to her. She has worked with the likes of beyonce and kane west. Her job was to draw what they were thinking/feeling. Basically bringing others ideas into fruition, even though that particular design was not liked. She designs many different things that most people don’t think about as being a designers job. I loved her monologue piece the faith healing and how the rain outlining the stage gave it some depth. She explained her work as a having a team and many meetings. Es says that you should turn up in everything that you do. Which to me means do your best in every step (especially if you are showing your work to a potential client), that way the person can see exactly where you are trying to head with your work. Music was a big influence to her. She thought band shows were visually boring and then she started designing for concerts which I think is pretty dope. It gives people something else to love while seeing their favorite artist, from the visual to the way that the lighting was presented. It gives a full show. She made the way bands were presented on stage more interesting. She described it as designing for poetry, bringing that story to life. The process is way more detailed than I thought. As workers are cutting and putting pieces together, she still has to make sure that the art aspect of it is being shown the exact way it is on paper and that it will be perceived greatly by the masses it will reach. Some of her influences came from her childhood memories and the reflective moments she had on her roof in east essex. She talks about models as telling stories when she talks about a particular model of her old city of essex. So that is something that she liked to do and tell stories in that manner, especially using people in small models of cities. When she was described in the documentary, I would say people look at her as innovative and creative and about her work. She was described as someone who always made you think in ways that you never did before and she always comes up with something that is refreshing. She describes her projects as creating time, especially her art show pieces. She says an art museum wouldn’t do her pieces justice. You have to see them in real time as they are meant to be perceived to get the full effect. One thing I like, is that whether she is or isn’t involved in another project at the time, she will try her hand at the same project in relation to herself so she can see that idea in real time and see the effect of it as the client/audience will see the bigger project and I think that’s really neat. It shows her dedication and determination to make sure she is providing what’s being asked of her and what she is trying to get out.

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