My Life~ Sydney Johnson

Movies portray teens in many ways. They separate them into groups based on gender, race, or interests. In reality we tend to talk to everyone whether we like it or not. Groups of friends are formed with many different factors. Ending up with all of your friends in all of your classes is very uncommon, so every moment you do get to spend with them is cherished. Unlike the movies teens have loads of homework each night. Time spent with family and friends becomes more important than it was when we were five. Just how time changes, people do to.

I chose this song because it is one of my, and my moms, favorite songs. The song Stand By Me is also a movie that my mom and friends really want me to watch, but I haven’t yet because I heard it’s sad, and I am a very good procrastinator. This song reminds me of all of that.

On Friday night around 9pm I was at the first PHS football game in the stands and on the field.

I love to doodle whenever I’m bored!

The first person that I admire is my mom. My mom is the strongest person I know. She stands by me in very decision that I make. She is always there for me when I need her, and she always guides me in the right direction. I hope to grow up to be a great mom and role model just like her.

My second role model is my aunt. She started off at a young age with a passion for art, and now she designs video game graphics for big companies including EA and DeNA, and was offered a job from Dreamworks. I hope to one day grow up and get a job that I enjoy and makes me happy.

My final role model is a family friend. Her name is Denise and she leads a group of volunteers that fosters cats and kittens fora non-for profit organization called Feral Feline Project. She devotes more than half of her time making sure that the kittens and cats are safe, cared for, and disease ridden before adopting them out to loving families. One day I want to care about something so much that I actually take action to help.

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