The ship swirling, the mast barely clinging,

The winds still raging,

And the cold, cold, sea

Infinite and devoid of any being

Said I’m fine.

The hull cracking and splintering,

The storm never ceasing,

Yet the coast, far, further than the horizon

Still a million miles away

Said I’m fine.

The clouds, a night blanket

Not warm or comforting, but suffocating,

The sun, a red smear, an open wound

Or perhaps it was the blood in his eyes

Said I’m fine.

All alone in this journey,

Too close to the bottom,

Fighting, a battle long lost,

Yet an island, always isolated

Said I’m fine.

Drowning, gasping, but life eludes him

Flailing, at the mercy of the sea

Struggling, sputtering, a single sound pierced the storm

A scream

Said I’m fine.

And then just an echo.

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