5 Suggestions for Building Your Professional Network After a Move

My family recently moved to Boulder, Colorado from Atlanta. I’d lived in Atlanta for 21 years and built a solid professional network in my time there. I was starting fresh in Boulder so I needed some juice to jumpstart my professional search. I’ve compiled some suggestions that helped me get connected.

  1. Follow leaders and the media in your new city. I bookmarked the local paper and followed all the local leaders’ blogs and on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This gave me a great understanding of the professional environment in town.
  2. Look at all related job postings in the new location, even if you are not looking for a job. This is a good indicator of the job types, salary ranges, and companies that are growing.
  3. Start using those social connections, especially on LinkedIn. I reached out to as many folks as I could to see if they knew anyone in Boulder. I even looked at 2nd-degree connections for folks who could help me get connected.
  4. Join local meetups in the new place and get involved! I joined the local technology and Agile meetups and did a presentation for the Agile Boulder group in my first few months in town.
  5. Give Back — It’s simple, but if you get to a new city and start helping folks in areas that you excel, it’ll come back to you many times over. You can mentor at local workspaces or trade schools. You can present at local meetups or volunteer with the local chamber. It’s a great way to give back and meet folks in the new city at the same time.

I worked hard the few months before the move and was lucky enough to find some great folks who needed some technical leadership with a startup they were just kicking off. That turned out to be CUE (http://www.cue4success.com) and we’re still rolling! I continue to network and give back to continue to grow my network in Boulder.

Good luck and have fun!


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