TIY Week 2: Treading Water Barely

What the effffff just happened?

Emphasis on the F. I just read my entry for week 1. It sounds remarkably upbeat and almost giddy with excitement. Who wrote that? All the things I was so positive about got rocked in the worst possible way during week 2. Git and github? el.oh.el. Practically everything I thought I was grasping turned out to be a lie. How was I supposed to know what a merge conflict was? The fearless leader threw us into that fire firsthand. Learn by doing, he says. At least that means I followed directions properly since I avoided the problem until the intended face smack on Tuesday. And the JavaScript? Learning the fundamentals was borderline fun in week one. Applying those fundamentals to elements in the DOM? Not so much. I still have the command line to grasp onto. That didn’t take an unexpected turn this week. Still, kind of sad. At least we have in class homework review on Mondays. Where we get to see how equally dum (sic) we all are.

Recapping the week…

Apparently one of our rituals is a Monday morning quiz? The goal is to see how we’re retaining the information from the previous week…and every week before that, which is lovely. I actually don’t mind the quizzes. They’re pretty entertaining considering our brains aren’t exactly razor sharp at 9 a.m. after the weekend. And it’s not like I’m getting kicked out if/when I bomb them. So yeah, quizzes man. This week we built on the things we began learning in week 1. We pushed forward on JavaScript, covering some concepts like referential transparency, variable naming conventions, dot operators, and the components of functions. Then got into using JavaScript in the DOM (curse you eventListeners), Chrome’s developer console, dictionaries (kind of what you’re thinking, but different), and more. Do you know what any of that is? Good. Me neither. I’ve got the 4 basic literal types of JavaScript down though, so I’m very trainable.

The biggest project we tackled throughout week 2 was the TodoMVC. Breaking it down for you — that’s “Todo” as in a reminder list, and “MVC” as in Model View Controller. Sounds easy. It isn’t. I hate it. It hates me. It’s harmony. Wiring up the basic functionality of a Todo list application is a bitch. It probably shouldn’t be, but it is for me at this point. Between trying to use .js in the browser for the first time, trying to get familiar with MVC and where the divisions lie between Model / Controller and Controller / View, I got pretty disheartened. Just keep working I suppose.

Week 2 projects — final tally

  • TodoMVC: Failure
  • Blueprints
    * Nested Accordion: Not a failure
    * FullWidthTabs: Quasi failure
    * Quotes Rotator: Failure

I find myself wondering how we stack up against other cohorts. Are we slow? Are we normal? I’m not even going to suggest that we are picking things up faster than normal. I read a lot before I came here. I know I’m supposed to feel like I’m drowning. I am. That doesn’t make it any easier. That said, I got some new tools in week 2 that were pretty alright. Browser-sync helps with working offline and it’s pretty legit. And the best website for finding keyboard shortcuts for every [emoji](www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com) ever? Bless these little victories.

Wrap it up…

I ended week 1 by giving survival tips. I’ll get to that, but wanted to list a few things I learned in week 2 first.

Is this what’s known as the rookie wall? 1) I’m tired. Staying up late was cute in week one; now it’s just plain dumb 2) Tea makes me pee more than coffee does; re-evaluating my week 1 survival guide 3) Note taking during lectures isn’t working. Stop writing and typing and listen, moron 4) I’m treading water in the deep end of the pool and my legs are getting tired. Never skipping leg day ever again

Tips for surviving week 2 1) Look forward to failure * This happens everyday 2) Maintain a growth mindset * That essay we had to write in week 1 is very pertinent all of a sudden * There’s a TEDtalk about it…just sayin’ 3) Sleep * See above — do as I say, not as I do 4) Keep reading and learning core concepts * The only place I see progress through all the failure 5) Don’t bulldog the bad shit * “The code always wins” — said the leader guy 6) Blogging is possible, but entries always lag a week * Write them before Monday, or you’ll have to think too much about what happened in what week 7) Beer

That’s it for week 2. Week 3 coming soon (I forrealz already wrote it like 5 days ago)