A Week of Intros: Capstone Project and World Lit

In the first week of the 2016–2017 school year, our class was introduced to the culminating project, Capstone Project, that we would be spending the entire year on. The first half of the year will be research intensive, with the help of our AAR (Authentic Academic Research) mentors. The second half of the year will be spent using the research, and producing something from the research, whatever it may be.

When Ms. Angell was telling us about the project, it made me excited to start, and produce something that I’m really proud of. I’ve always wanted to be able to be able to point to something that I’ve spent massive amounts of time on, and am super passionate about, and say I’ve created it. I would be worthy of the statement “I created change”. It also erases the doubts and critiques of those who doubt the pathway. It serves as a kind of proof that this type of learning can be successful.

The excitement and passion is there, but I’m nervous to choose a specific topic to center on, because we have to spend so much time on it, and there are so many options as to what to create. My head is swimming with ideas of projects like programs, podcasts, or tangible projects. There are a lot of niches of organizations to explore within the Bay Area, so that will be interesting when choosing a topic to base my project off of. Currently, I want to do something either with race/underprivileged kids and education, human rights, or women’s health. I’m really excited to see how this process goes for other students in the Cohort because we’re the first group to do this. And, unlike the Symposium, it is up to each student to take initiative, and drive the project for themselves. We cannot rely on a select group of people to pick up the slack and drive it forward.

These are the units we are covering for World Literature, which is a semester long course.