1.2 App Prototype

Prototypes are very crucial part of any software development process. It is a model built to test the working to the application and also to ensure that the requirements of the customer is met.

For designing the threads of my app, I have used the software —

This is a user friendly tool which satsifies every need of a software’s prototype. Several features and higher flexibility along with highly interactive features provides wireframes that work just like an orignal app would.

Several tutorials for using Protio and knowing more about it are —

Before starting this, you may refer to my App idea as, Three Screen App Idea. Here I will share the prototype of my app KeepSafe.

Brief description of the 3 main activities -

  1. Add Password activity lets you add passwords for different accounts (Gmail, Facebook, GitHub , Twitter etc.) and reliefs you from straining your memory.

2. Search Password activity enables you to search previously saved passwords of different accounts, and theses passkeys are stored in encrypted form and further can be updated or deleted after decryption.

3. Change Login Password activity lets you change the Master account password, that is, the app data. This is the sole password which you have to remember and using which you can access all your different passwords.

Next blog will be about Preparing and setting up the development environment!

Happy Learning!

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