Making the all-important link between cryptocurrency and computing power, storage and bandwidth

No one to date has successfully implemented bitcoin/blockchain technology with any form of major economy besides people trying to make a quick buck from exchanges and trading.

No one in the entire cryptocurrency space seems to see this and seems to realize the potential behind such an idea — SIA, MAIDSAFE, BURST has yet to release a solution that can reliably spread into the traditional world of technology and change things overnight. As soon as someone ties storage or processing power to cryptocurrency the digital economy will change in a heartbeat. As speculative as cryptocurrency may be, it is a technology that incentivizes the fastest, cheapest and most efficient hardware.

It makes more than a little sense when you consider that the main technological limitation of cryptocurrency is computing power, storage and bandwidth. These 3 items are essential for any part of the internet to run and as such should be the first point of interest when users hear of cryptocurrency.

This is why it is especially interesting to see Kim Dotcom’s plans for a Megaupload replacement that runs on Bitcoin microtransactions.

“Dotcom, a German-Finnish man living in New Zealand and currently fighting extradition to the U.S. over copyright-infringement charges, tweeted Friday that the transfers taking place over Megaupload would be linked to very small bitcoin transactions.” (source:

It may not be successful, but it surely makes sense.