College= Stress

During high school, some students feel as if they are trapped in a bottomless pit of homework. They think that high school is hard, terrible, and a waste of time. Some think that they have too much on their plate, which allows their first taste of stress. High school students have the comfort of their homes whenever they return home from school, but most college students do not. High school is not as bad as students may seem, because most college kids would love to go back in a heart beat. College is like quicksand that slowly drags students down, one day at a time.

College students reach a whole new level of stress once they attend college. Moving in, scheduling classes, and fending for themselves, really makes college a whole new ball game. Not to mention some do not have the ability to go home after a long day of homework and classes to have a hot meal on the table. Home sickness often kicks in after a period of time which makes college terrible to bear. College is just different, and not to mention stressful.

There are multiple reasons as to why college students become stressed throughout the school year. They become accustomed to procrastination which leaves them scrambling to get things done. Being late to classes is very common, because sleep just sounds so much better than listening to a lecture and cramping their hands after pages of notes. Scrapping up change for extra food or coffee throughout the day, just because food and coffee are great. Missing family, friends, pets, and their beds at home, makes them want to leave and go home even though they can’t. Competing to do well in a certain class to obtain a certain degree also weighs them down. Most importantly, the debt of college has college students shackled by the ankles, and stress just drags them down even more. Not wanting to be at college at all really plays a role that adds to their stress levels. It is just a viscous cycle at most. College is just a little experience of the real world, which leaves students stressed, and a little more stressed.

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