Young Insanity

Children are usually perceived to be sweet and most times innocent. Although, whenever it comes to children acting up in ways that harms others, they are not punished like they should. Legal authority says that children who commit crimes are “too young” or “not in control of what they’re doing,” so they cannot be harshly punished. I completely disagree with that because a person is completely in control of their actions regardless of their age. If a child is capable of pointing a shot gun at another person and pulling the trigger, they are more than capable of being punished for what they have done.

I believe that children are born with their insanity. Some kids are bullied to no end at school but do not commit heinous crimes like other children do. Such as T.J Lane, the shooter from Chardon High, killed three male students with a .22 caliber gun in his lunch room. He was taken to court and felt absolutely no remorse for the victims families and even wrote the word “killer” on his shirt. He was very insane and completely psychotic. He smiled the entire time that he was in the court room, and wanted everyone to know what he had done just so he could be known as the infamous “Chardon Shooter.” I believe that Lane was born with the madness in his blood. A normal child would never be able to shoot three other people and feel no guilt or shame.

Furthermore, children are the one’s in control. They are in control of their own actions and should be punished for their wrong-doings just like an adult. There should not be a “too young” card at play when it comes to punishments, because it is completely outrageous to let a young killer off the hook. Our country is supposed to be a safe and prosperous place. But, with violent children, it never will be.

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