Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo


— — -No. Really. Hillary Clinton failed herself, the ones who helped her campaign and the democrats. The democrats also failed you.

“Now I know, I know, she won the popular vote by almost two million votes, and I know that a lot of you were a part of that so yay go ahead and pat yourselves on the back.”

— — -Nobody knows how the election would have went if the popular vote where the one which counted. You cannot retroactively “change” the voting system and draw any conclusion from it. Both campaigns would have looked totally different and from the incompetence I saw from Clinton and the horrifying, but ingenuous campaign Trump had my bet would again been on Trump.

“If you would have just swallowed your pride and given Hillary half of the love you gave Obama”

— — -If Hillary had swallowed her pride and given her country half the love Obama gave it she could have gone for being Sanders VP. Then they had someone for both the rich and the worker class.

“(WTF is even a server?) was more damaging than Trump ADMITTING TO SEXUAL ASSAULT AND CALLING MEXICANS RAPISTS. Who’s talking about those damn emails now?”

— — -A server (short said) is a computer where you can save you data that is stationed outside your home. Like Facebook’s servers.

— — -Norway is still talking about the emails, they are describing corruption in the Clinton foundation. So serious that it is brought into our election. Our labor party has given the Clintons 100 million dollars and our former prime minister got to be the head of NATO when his political career was done. I am pretty sure others also are still talking about those emails.

“Who the fuck said you had to LIKE your nominee anyway?”

— — -Are you shitting me? Getting the voters to like, trust and believe in the nominee is the whole point of the election campaign. Hillary failed hard.

“Now we get angry and picky if someone doesn’t meet every single criterion”

— — -Again, no. She failed to meet a great many criterion. “Having experience in politics” is not enough to become the US president.

“We look back and say that the Democrats should have focused their campaign on the white middle class and criticize Hillary for focusing on racial and gender equality.”

— — -The idiots that say that are the same that lost you the campaign in the first place. YOU WON THE WHITE MIDDLE CLASS YOU IGNORAMUS.

“The real victims are the Black and Latino kids out there living in a trailer park eating canned food for the 4th day in a week.”
 — — — ~30% of latin americans and ~20% of african americans voted for Trump. That is how he won. The people it is sorry for is the LBGT and those who might be denied the choice of abortion. This is a religious issue. I don’t even think Trump care, but as the asshole he is he made a play for the religious voters.

“There are plenty of reasons why Bernie lost the primary.”
Yes, but if Clinton backed down he would have won the primary.

“But to say that a candidate who lost by both the popular vote and the delegate count would have beaten Trump is just not fair or accurate.”

— — -Nobody know how Sanders running with HC as vise president would have gone. But we know hillary lost.

“If Bernie were the nominee and would have lost, I would never ever ever post something about Hillary being a better candidate just to make myself feel better. I would show sympathy for the man who worked his ass off to defeat hatred no matter how imperfect he was.”

— — -I show no sympathy for the extremely rich woman that it (seems like) did not even think that she might lose, did not write a defeat speech and then locked herself up in a hotel for 7 hours instead of honoring all them that helped her.

“This isn’t a dating show. Hillary didn’t have to be perfect for us, she just had to work for us.”

— — -WTF? People believe Hillary would work for the banks and the rich establishment. That was one the main reasons she lost. She even called 45% of the US stupid during her campaign.

“America great already and I’m not sorry that she lost fighting for that belief.”

— — -Read up on reports on how America ranks on the criteria which are used for ranking how “great” a country is. Spoiler: You kill each other the most (per capita) and you are mostly mediocre the rest of the issues.

“I will always support the person who fights with their heart over their ego.”

— — -Again. Her ego caused the Democrats loss.

“We poked at every flaw of hers and refused to see any of the good she did over her 30+ years of public service.”

— — -The media poked at both of their flaws. Her campaign offices job was to change the focus to what the presidents were good at. Trump had almost no upsides. Trump dragger her down to his level and she did not manage to get back up.

“A monster who was also created by the ugliest in us.”

— — -What a terrible thing to say about those who voted for him.

“It’s also important for us to be able to take criticism and take responsibility for this.”
 — — -Yes, but this was mainly on the left side media and news (who were supporting HC as much as ethics allowed). They did not believe Trump, and even laughed when he talked about “cloaked votes”. The certainty of Hillary Clinton winning made her voters stay home. Trumps rhetoric towards all those who supported him and did not dare to say it made them go to the booth.

Hillary Clinton was the most hated candidate throughout history and she continued her campaign instead of backing Sanders. It was painful to see.

Hillary Clinton failed you. The Democrats failed you. You did not deserve Trump and it’s not you fault.

But still please try to remedy the hate you see. Stand up for other people’s rights. Even if it means you will take a beating for it.

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