How to write better job adverts for software engineers

Laptop on table
Laptop on table
Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash.

Job adverts for technical roles can often seem like they all blend into one. So many of them are just a list of every technology the company uses and maybe a token statement about how you’ll get to work on some cool stuff.

It’s a buyer’s market right now — software engineers, SREs, and other technical professionals are in high demand and have their pick of the jobs on offer. …

3 reasons for wanting to keep your technical skills active when your main role is leading teams of engineers

Photo by Dlanor S on Unsplash.

It’s a common topic. Should an engineering manager keep writing code and stay hands-on technically once they take on a leadership role? There are countless articles out there on the subject.

But what is it that makes an engineer manager ask this question in the first place? Why is it even a thing? When your main goal is to lead a team and enable other engineers to be great, why focus on work that doesn’t have the biggest impact or add the most value to your team?

From my personal experience of going down this route and asking myself the…

Mike Skaife

Principal Software Engineer & DevOps Architect

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