In my world, the top-ranked institutes and courses of Blockchain

Bit. College:

I have been a geek of blockchain for last five years. When I started learning about blockchain, I faced many difficulties in finding authentic, natural, applicable and transparent information about blockchain. I can say with my experience that a few online portals are working indeed as blockchain institutes and Bit. College is one of them. When I used to walk like a dumb guy with glasses (like we watch in movies) in my college. In search of blockchain information. No one was there to show me the righteous way.

Bit. College never made me deprived of latest discovery and update in blockchain world. Blockchain name is attached with I have found one of the finest online institute making people able to learn about blockchain.

Coursera- Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

I named it to number two because this institute does not sell old rhymes of blockchain like Blockchain hype, the future is of the world is blockchain etc. This institute makes you able to understand blockchain (I cannot use a word like completely because blockchain is growing day by day) within a short period of time that you become able to enhance your income.

When you spend some currency, then you have to be witty (selective) in purchasing. I mean! I can say buy the best product with your spending. Go for quality rather than those institutes which promise you only fascinations.

This college teaches you courses in a most comprehensive pattern. This college is best for those learners who quickly adopt new methods.

Blockchain Institute of Technology

When you start calculating according to your own parameters. Is your spending fulfilling your demand? Your time currency worth this institute or not? Have you become able to participate enthusiastically in blockchain discussions?

You become hungrier about knowledge of blockchain when it becomes more comfortable for you to understand trends of blockchain in the market. This college more focuses in teaching pace of blockchain market (Which takes a bit time).

I will say, you have a choice to go to this institute. If you are a severe learner of blockchain. This institute can give you better returns, but there are some factors that it could not reach at first number in my world.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the top names in the world of online institutes. The coolest thing is, the world’s leading institute has started selling online courses of the blockchain. Sometimes a customer thinks that a product with a brand name provides you with the best quality, but it is not always like that. It is loyalty and faithfulness you have promised with your work. If you get better quality than your previous brand, then I think change is a good option.

No doubt! Khan Academy have been providing the best online learning services since their start. In blockchain teaching services they are giving a fierce competition to Bit. College.


The novelty of this company is that it helps you to understand blockchain even if you have zero knowledge about blockchain. This company is no doubt! Group of professionals from all over the world. The major drawback I found in this company is they a lot more than other companies. If the son of a poor wants to learn blockchain development. No matter what he has to pledge before paying their outstanding dues.

Note: Once Joseph Campbell said, “Find a place inside where there’s, and the joy will burn out the pain”.