State of Disunion

The results of this election have elicited fear from most of my social circles, and pure joy from the rest. But they would never know it. They cut those ties to each other months ago, over inflated senses of righteousness. Everyone knew what was right. Unconditionally, and without mercy for those who would stand in their way. This force of “right” pushing and refusing to accept no an an answer.

This monster went on to become a powerful force in the election. If you don’t vote your party you are a deplorable. Something less than human. Friends watched as those close to them transformed, suddenly and without warning, into monsters. Those they thought they knew, turning against them.

I thought he was a good person, but he voted for Trump.

How could you support someone as corrupt as Hillary, I thought I knew you.

You must hate your friends, because you threw your vote away.

Now, your message to stand together has dissolved. You throw the same rhetoric into the air that you once mocked. Instead of standing up, and proving that you are truly better, you continue your assault. Your force for good, pillaging pride as it moves forward, discarding anyone who doesn’t think like you.

Just accept that we know what is good for you. We won’t take no for an answer.

Trump is the pushback to this monster. Because it takes a monster to defeat one. He became the hope of the average man. A way to be able to speak without feeling guilty. To take the shame pouring from the monster that demands perfection, and turn it into hope.

Those people aren’t bigots. They aren’t sexist. They aren’t homophobic. They’re people. They like to sit around with friends and talk, make jokes. Sometimes they are offensive, but they don’t lack a regard for someone else’s feelings. Nor do they contain any hate. They are words. Fleeting sounds that hang in the air and dissipate in moments.

They only want what everyone wants, to live happily and comfortably in this great nation. I don’t believe those people are full of hate. They are afraid of the monster that demands perfection. The constant fear of exile for an offhand comment.

I am afraid of that monster. I am bound by it, my thoughts held in reserve for fear of “hurting” someone.

But I am not a monster. I want the best for everyone. I want everyone in this country to have the opportunities that I have had. The chance to make something great of yourself, regardless of how you identify.

We are a nation of people, divided. Our greatness has become our undoing. We can’t accept each other. We continue to separate, to divide ourselves. We put up walls to protect ourselves, building these single minded safe spaces. But it doesn’t help, because as you build walls you lose your power.

We rose as a nation thanks to one thing. Unity. It’s what we need again. We need to set aside all of our other labels and identities, and accept the one we all have in common.

We are all Americans. We are all in this together.

We all want the same thing. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.