Blogs: What are they Truly About?

Once upon a time, a girl lived in nice neighborhood with a nice family and had a group of nice friends. Her life was fairly normal with problems only limited to what most girls of her age dealt with. She attended a decent university while struggling and finishing up with her degree also while dealing issues with her love life, family, friends, and worries. Her story doesn’t end yet but what else can we say? It continues. And that is where this story begins.

So what is a blog? Well, according to google, a blog is…

A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.


add new material to or regularly update a blog.

Let’s make it simple. A blog is really a diary but in digital form. Not too hard to understand. Everyone can write about anything they deem is acceptable to include in their blogs such as their life, their story, their problems, information on how to make a website, or even to advertise their products. In most cases, a blog is used by people who just want to write about something very personal about themselves and publish it to the world. Why not? There is nothing wrong with the digitizing our moments in life as we live in a world where technology is becoming more prominent in future generations.

Writing in general is an innate human personality we all have. People have this urge to write about their life at one point in their lives. Whether they’re about heartbreaks, family problems, or social problems, then it is normal to write about it. Which comes to the crucial part of a blog: Feelings. To feel and write about your emotions is a important in a blog. It allows the writer to relate their issues to the audience and enables the audience to feel for the writer. If done correctly, then the audience will be left to think about your blog even after they have finished reading it.

A common topic used is “the pain one endures allow us to be human.” To be numbed with pain or happiness allow us to experience human qualities. But why is this a requirement? Why are we forced to endure the pain we cannot control? How can we even control it?

This is an open ended discussion that can be easily debated on. Their perspectives, issues, and solutions are written to bring forth their imagination to life or to allow themselves to realize a possible solution to their personal issues. In other words, blogs help people realize their potential for the future by conveying personal messages to the world.

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