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The landscape of mobility has drastically evolved over the last couple of years. City governments have devoted time and resources to visionary plans that swap car lanes for autonomous vehicle lanes, and helipads on every block for eVTOLS. What was once considered science fiction is now becoming a reality. We’ve already seen autonomous passenger cars driving on our roadways and autonomous aircraft, like drones, flying in the skies. In the future, we will see autonomous passenger aircraft flying the friendly skies. What many people don’t realize is that the future is already here, thanks to Skai.

Skai is a…

Written by Bruce J. Holmes


New air mobility innovations can bring new value to a much larger public consumer base than ever before in history. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more evident to the global community of innovators in the field of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) who are working toward simple, safe, affordable, and sustainable electric air vehicles for a broad spectrum of market domains. Market opportunities include urban, exurban, regional, rural, and remote connectivity for people, packages, and services. Society moves using many modes: walking, biking, cars, trains, ships, planes. However, the airborne mode, driven by its reliance on the hub…


Everyday air mobility. Fueled by hydrogen. Powered by simplicity.

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