Ethereum’s long-awaited scalability upgrade is set to kick off this year. ETH 2.0, also dubbed Serenity, will be the biggest change in its five-year history.

The implementation will take place over several years, in three separate phases. While full scalability will only come with the final phase, the first phase is no less important. It will mark the rollout of Ethereum’s Proof of Stake Beacon chain, laying the groundwork for the next phase to introduce…

Launching a cryptocurrency exchange is no easy task.

It’s expensive, time-consuming, and contains many roadblocks that are difficult to predict. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that a full-fledged exchange requires:

Thankfully, skalex provides a simple alternative.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the skalex lightweight client — an exchange solution bringing you less overhead, fewer expenses…

New guidelines released last month from the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF) have caused quite a stir in the crypto community. Some have called it the “end of anonymity” for digital tokens, while others have lauded the new rules as important steps toward legitimizing cryptocurrency. To be sure, the controversial FATF requirements will have a big impact on cryptocurrency, specifically cryptocurrency exchanges and other service providers.

1. What Are the New FATF Requirements?

The Financial Action Task Force is an intergovernmental body composed of leaders of national treasuries and federal banks from 39 countries around the world, including the European Commission, United States, and China. …

Over the past year, regulators have increased their scrutiny of initial coin offerings. As a result of this increased pressure, many blockchain companies have undertaken a new token issuance model. In an effort to be fully compliant to investment regulations in multiple countries, security tokens now openly admit that they’re investment vehicles.

If the European Union wants to be a leader in blockchain technology, prioritizing blockchain legislation and cooperation between member states should be a top priority.


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