A vital part of the success of a technical team is discussing how to improve its technology stack and processes. In this article, we’ll cover the tools the Babylon Health Android team used to facilitate discussions, as we grew from 5 to 40 engineers in the span of 4 years.

Every codebase out there has some “TODO” comments left by engineers. It’s a tool in every software engineer’s arsenal that helps them with keeping track of small tasks that they need to work on before completing their current task. Quite often it is also used on a more permanent basis…

In this article, we will examine the importance of creating comprehensive documentation for a project, and what we have done here in the Android team at Babylon Health over the last few years to get us to where we are now: We have reasonably well-maintained documentation on all essential topics…

At Babylon Health, we are always looking for ways to improve the developer experience and writing custom IntelliJ Plugins is just one example of the things we do.

Find out more about some of the plugins we’ve created and how to create your own in this exciting talk delivered a few weeks ago in the Londroid meetup, a meetup for Android engineers in London.

Sakis Kaliakoudas is the Android team Engineering Manager at Babylon Health. If you would like to join him in building the future of healthcare apply here.

In this article, we will review some of the tools and integrations used by the Android team here at Babylon Health to streamline the process of reviewing Pull Requests. Specifically, the (now free!)

Answers for common questions

Code reviews seem to be very straightforward, but, as with anything else in IT, there’s more than the eye can see. As I spend a big part of my day in babylon reviewing other people’s code, I thought I’d write up some thoughts on questions that troubled me in the…

Google I/O 2017 is now behind us and left us with more than 200 x 30min videos that describe the marvelous new technologies, libraries and patterns that Google wants us to start using. But how do you go through all this content? It’s soooo much, and the new Google I/O…

In this article we’ll explore ways to tweak the memory settings of our gradle build in order to squeeze some extra performance out of it and at the same time -in some cases- decrease the overall memory required instead of increasing it.

The android gradle plugin v2.1 brought dex-in-process to…

Sakis Kaliakoudas

Android Engineer @ HSBC

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