Keeping Our Promise to 120 Million Women and Girls
Melinda Gates

I salute you and Bill for the extraordinary work you are doing through your foundation. And long may it continue…

But I am worried. I worry that your extraordinary achievement may be at risk of being undermined in the long term, because a significant part of the equation to question is left largely unattended to. The part of the equation I have in mind is the role of men in this great endeavour.

For transforming men’s attitudes towards women and sex in general, is probably the ultimate contraceptive. Unless there is a corresponding campaign to educate young men, and, come to think of it, all men really; I worry that your great endeavour may be at risk of getting reduced to mere Band-Aid, that is, a piece of sticking plaster when viewed in the great scheme of things.

Hoping that I am mistaken and that my worries are misconceived, would you please reassure me and all those who care about this issue, that this will not be the case in the long run; for based on what I see on the ground, men’s attitudes towards women may probably prove the hardest nut to crack — much more harder than most imagine.