A question.
Stephen Corsaro

In answer to your question, I think EAC integration is a vanity project; it is intended to display the so called glory and power of East Africa’s respective presidents, in order for them to enter the history books as men who have achieved something worth shouting about. It will fail. It will fail in the same way the previous attempt ended in failure in the 1970s.

Here is the thing to consider: if none of the East African countries are able to deliver basic services to their peoples at a domestic level, that is, services in respect of the rule of law, democracy and freedom, what chance is there that they will succeed at a semi-international level. Many of these countries are riven by internal tribal disputes and poverty; broken infrastructure in relation to education and health; all of which aggravated by corruption; what possible rational do they have to seek greater integration, except of course to create more opportunities for the elite to serve themselves at the expense of the poor…

I believe Africa has been poorly served by her so-called educated elite; instead of investing in viable and credible institutions capable of supporting their countries, they have instead squandered opportunities on vanity projects that are meaningless to the masses. The EAC integration, is in my view, a classic example of an African vanity project.

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