Learning This Simple Skill Will Make You an Exceptional Leader, According to Science
Elle Kaplan

Thank you for a great article. I learnt this lesson when I ran an art gallery for 4 years in England. To all of you who are artists, I hope you will forgive me for my saying that working with artists is like herding cats; artists are free spirits and that’s what makes them endearing. My lawyerly background was of no use when it came to running an art gallery and, to my shame, I too had to learn how to listen — really listen, not as a lawyer, but as a leader.

But I also learnt something else; artists taught me to be myself. I discovered, again to my shame, that by being myself I was free enough to strong and strong enough to free as a leader. Being myself helped me become a better listener. The bonus to working with artists was that I earned an MBA in the process. Thank you to all artists out there; may your free spirit continue unhindered.