How It Begins
Mike Essig

Thank you for making my day…you’ve put a smile on my face.

A while ago, a reader on medium took umbrage when I suggested that many in the ‘West’ live in some kind of Disney world, in which intellectual thought is more or less non-existent. The last 70 years, in addition to giving the Western world unprecedented peace, have also ushered in a dumbing down in nearly every aspect of life. The result has been the emergence of a culture of ticking the right boxes on forms without much consideration; a skimming over stuff in our learning institutions for fear of offending one section of the community or other; and, a consumer society mesmerized by the next shiny gadget to hit the high street, only to be abandoned soon afterwards as children do when they get bored with a new toy at Christmas. No wonder we appear as a society to be going backwards - resurrecting arguments that should have been settled long ago.

However, I have hope that as long as there are poets, writers and thinkers still left among the ranks, of whom you are a worthy representative, mankind may yet be saved from the coming disaster. A disaster that is entirely man-made, because he is too lazy to be bothered to think.