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This is a great interview: it covers a range of issues that it is impossible to do them justice by commenting upon them given the limited space available. One would have to write a good essay in response.

But it seems clear that we are where we are today, because we all of us ( or at the very least the majority of us), have lost the one competitive advantage that gave the West the edge, critical thinking. We seem to have lost our ability to critically think our way out of the seemingly existential challenges facing mankind today. Perhaps our loss of this all powerful competitive advantage is the clearest manifestation we have that the West has for too long, had it so good. America and the rest of the developed world is the equivalent to Disney world, that is, when viewed through the eyes of the poor wretched of the earth. No wonder the wretched of the earth all dream of their turn in the sun, the so called ‘American Dream.’

Having it so good for so long in the Western world, has had, alas, an unintended consequence. The unintended consequence is what we may call acedia, that is, the combination of apparent slothfulness and boredom. Many of us the in West are content to while away our time on things that add no value to our lives. We spend a great of time on things that do not engage our intellectual faculties or improve us in any meaningful way. We are bedazzled by the celebrity culture, and you cannot get more ‘celebrity’ than the Trump presidency.

But there is hope. There is hope that despite all the doom and gloom, there is a sediment of critical thinkers still alive and kicking in the West. And that the Trump presidency, Brexit, and the upheavals in Europe, may be what it takes to shake our critical thinkers (as one would shake a snow globe) into life - and spur them into action. Our challenge is to remain in a constant state of readiness to work with whichever leader that happens to emerge out of this mess.

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