From Tweaks to Transformation During COVID-19

How many times have we heard leaders use the expression ‘burning platform’ in their failed efforts to get us to change? Leaders incessantly call for transformation and the best we seem to be capable of are tweaks to the way our stubborn mindsets, industrial era institutions and social systems work today. All of that has changed overnight as together, we face the mother of all burning platforms, COVID-19. …

Don’t cancel your event or close up shop because of #COVID19, engage virtually. A growing number of cancelations and closures are already affecting our daily lives. My family had to cancel a personal trip to Japan in April that has been in the works for a year to meet up with our son living in Asia. We all have a personal story to share and the impact from #coronavirus is getting more real with each passing day. Whether we agree or not with the response from our institutional and government leaders, without question we face a global pandemic together, and convening for any purpose in a centralized location carries an increased risk of further spread of the virus. …

Why do we only do story sharing circles in workshops? What if we shared our real selves and stories with each other every day?

Over the last 14 years, the Business Innovation Factory (BIF), has focused on how to make social system transformation safer and easier to manage. During that time, working on over 70 projects, one consistent learning is that storytelling and engagement are central to transforming any human system. …


Saul Kaplan

@TheBIF Founder & Chief Catalyst. Author, The Business Model Innovation Factory

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