Glasses On

Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.” –Dan Brown

I’m falling. I keep falling. I try to grab the walls but I can’t reach. I look down but there is no floor. I look up and the light is fading. I’m stuck solely moving downward. I can feel the wind and its sad attempts to slow my flailing body. I can feel a hot tear run down my face. The pull of gravity has rendered useless my every attempt to move up instead of down. As I fall further my despair rises. My hair is flapping crazily by my ears. The wind is softly laughing as I pass by. The darkness grows. I take a breath. Glasses on.

Falling isn’t that bad, in fact I think it’s better than being stuck. Stationary. I flip over onto my stomach and spread my arms. A new euphoria begins to take over. Closing my eyes, I take in the complete experience. Instead of feeling threatened by the wind I join it. The light is so far away now, it looks like a star in the distance. I go to grasp the wall again and find this time I can pull a flower. I examine its simple beauty. Flipping onto my back, I smile and throw my head back. If you think about it, falling is a lot like flying.

The noise is deafening. It’s driving me towards insanity. I try to cover my ears but the noise is on the inside to. Screaming at me from all directions. Encircling me in a tunnel of vibrations. Ricocheting off every surface. Each noise fighting the one next to it, taking turns growing louder and louder. I try to turn it off but there is too much of it. I can feel the vibrations ricocheting through my body and getting stuck in the capsule of my ribs. I take a breath. Glasses on.

I take my hands off my ears and drop them at my sides. I listen closely as the noise begins to die down. It turns out that they weren’t battling one another they were harmonizing. The ricocheting vibrations slow to a patterned beating in time to my heart. I hum along and begin to tap my foot. I now see the chaotic beauty of such loud cacophonies. I lightly hit my thigh with my palm in time. I close my eyes and instead use my ears. We tend to forget that even silence is noise.

Each day I journey into a jungle. Where I’m attacked by animals of all types. The gorillas who snarl and stare. The lions who fight and roar. The monkeys who tease and laugh. The elephants who boast and stomp. The birds who chirp and soar. The Zebras who stop and stare in the watering hole. They close in and make me feel small and insignificant. How I could I ever live up to the confidence of the gorillas, the bravery of the lion, the humor of the monkeys, the height of the birds, or the beauty of the zebras. I take a breath. Glasses on.

I’m human. Not like an animal yet exactly the same. I walk up to each species and stare into their round eyes. In them I see not a reflection of who they are but a reflection of who I am. As I show each a gesture of kindness they reward me. The Gorilla shakes my hand. The lion protects me. The monkeys make me laugh. The elephant shows me how to act big. The birds teach me to sing. The Zebras teach me to use my stripes to stand out. After all, if we were all the same the world wouldn’t be very exciting.

Glasses On… When you learn to see the world positively what once was evil can now be pure.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — — Wayne Dyer

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