Would you carry your career with you into death?

What would you do if you were given 2-5 years to live during which time you would slowly lose your ability to use your nerves and muscles responsible for voluntary movements, including breathing? Well, Patrick O'Brien decided to make a documentary film titled "Everything Will Be Okay" about his "descent into the belly of the beast."

In this video, you can get a better understanding of Patrick's battle with ALS directly from him. You can also watch the movie trailer. Patrick is an extremely talented filmmaker by trade. His visual style is so unique and groundbreaking, especially in this documentary format. The visuals are strikingly emotional, so much so that he is able to tell his story through them in a considerably more impactful way than lengthy interviews could convey. Patrick also has a great sense of (dark) humor that is sure to add another dimension to the story.

Can you imagine? I was so struck by Patrick's decision to document his trials. The fact that his career as a filmmaker was such a strong passion in his life that, when faced with death, he decided to turn the cameras on himself and keep working until the end. Makes you stop and think.

Patrick has been a dear friend to Threadless over the years. He was one of a small, tight-knit group of creatives that helped Threadless get its start on a message board back in 2000. Later on, he curated a line of t-shirts for us. He is an incredible artist who deserves to have his story told. Join me in supporting this project and helping to make it a reality!

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